Slang terms you need to know

Nowadays, it is important to add more vocabulary to your daily routine because you share your experiences with other people and you always have new things to tell. You can say one idea in many different ways. Let ‘s start.

What does the word ‘Slang’ mean?

Slang, or informal words often belonging to a specific region or dialect, are highly creative phrases that demonstrate the evolution of language over time. Slang words spotlight the cultural experience of a generation, allowing like-minded people to forge unique ties of communication and understanding.

Why do people use slang?

Because slang terms are often only understood by people in a certain group, using slang is, above all, a way to show that you belong. For this reason, slang is often a mark of being “cool,” or at least in the know about something. People who are “in” with a group know the slang

They are some Modern Slangs

BAE: Have you ever heard this? Have you ever had a crush? Is there a special person in your life? so, this is the correct word. ‘BAE’ Before Anything Else.

“He is my BAE, I fell in love.’

Dying: This word is used when something was so funny and you ‘died’ laughing.

‘This comedy movie is hilarious. I’m dying’

Epic: You can say this word if somewhat was ‘epic’ or it was highly enjoyable.

‘This novel was epic! I’ll read it again.’

GOAT: Current usage is actually a compliment, as we know, this is an acronym that stands for ‘greatest of all time’

‘You know… My boyfriend is the goat.’

Lit: People say this word if something is ‘lit’, it means it’s super cool or ‘on fire’.

‘‘This tripl was lit’

Ship: This is a short word for ‘romantica relationship’, it’s sometimes used as a verb.

‘Everyone wants to ship Peter Parker and Mary Jean, but Mary doesn’t think the same.’

Woke: Slang for the word ‘awakened’, as in being highly aware of social injustices.

’If you’re so woke, why didn’t you vote?’

YOLO: An acronym for ‘you only live once’, it encourages people to seize the day.

‘Sure! You should go on that trip to Dubai! YOLO!

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