My mother ______ when the fire alarm on.

There ______ a lot of people in the party next week.

The dogs have been in the same cage for hours, I thought they’d fight, but they haven’t fought ______ .

You look pale. You ______ go to the doctor.

That architect ______ designing buildings since 2002.

Our friends ______ us in two weeks. I’m so excited! I haven’t seen them in years.

Thomas ______ to go to Cancun on his next vacations, he thinks it is the most beautiful place in Mexico.

What are your plans for this weekend? How about ______ to the park?

My best friend has ______ gone to Veracruz. She’s missing out!

If Katie were more mature, she ______ handle the situation.

My father is the man ______ loves me the most.

If I ______ you, I wouldn’t go there by myself.

The children would love to go ______ to the park ______ to the playground.

Michael’s girlfriend is ______ beautiful ______ mine.

Ferdinand has ______ finished his weekly homework.

My family has been living in this city ______ 20 years. They know a lot of people that could help us if we happened to have a problem.

I thought I wouldn’t pass my test because I didn’t remember the answer of one question, but at the end, it was the ______ test of the semester.

The chef of my favourite restaurant ______ a delicious apple pie.

I used to be very talented. I ______ play the guitar when I was younger.

She had studied enough. She had ______ mistakes in her presentation.

Rene answered all of his questions ______.

The bakery is located ______ of the bank.

That computer is too old. It has broken ______ twice this week.

He always arrives late to class. Next time I ______ let him in.

If he were the president, we ______ have a better country.

Peter and Paul ______ the best students in this class.

What is a synonym of the word “beautiful”?

Who are you?

My mother ______ in the park every Sunday.

He ______ study here.

If I ______ pass my practice, I can try again tomorrow.

Brazilians are ______ Brazil.

I don’t know ______ about her.

There is a ______ car parked in front of the building.

I like to go out ______ my friends.

The students don’t like to ______ their homework.

Independence Day ______ Mexico is ______ September 16th.

Sorry, I can’t give you any money. I only have ______ money in my bank account.

There ______ some problems in everyone’s life.

You can buy books in a ______.

The museum ______ many antique relics.

There are ______ doctors available in the hospital right now.

She is one of ______ prettiest girls in the world.

We can’t use our old ______ anymore.

Your score is