Change your life by learning a new language. 

Picking up a new language could be the reason you land your dream job or meet the love of your life. Anything can happen when you develop new language skills!

Speaking a new language creates new and almost endless possibilities for a learner. Doors that were previously closed suddenly swing wide open, inviting new adventures.

There are many important reasons for taking the language-learning plunge, and lots of different strategies for making this dream a reality.

Let’s check them out!

  1. It’ll Help You Overcome Cultural Barriers

Speaking another language promotes cultural exchange among people from around the world. Beyond just being able to converse with each other, speaking the same language can be a huge factor in encouraging people to collaboratively create and share ideas. Cultural barriers are breached when we share languages, and that has a positive global impact. It can pave the way for innovations in technology, science, art and other fields.

  1. It May Improve Your Brain Function

If you need a purely self-serving, physical reason to learn a foreign language, look no further than the results of this study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The study found that language learning is linked to maintaining healthy brain function and delaying or preventing the onset of dementia.

That’s reason enough for anyone to choose a second language to learn!

  1. It Can Make You a More Effective Employee

Speaking a second language looks great on a resume, for sure.

But did you know that being multilingual can impact your job performance in other ways? Research has shown that learning a foreign language encourages fine-tuned communication skills and high levels of adaptability and creativity. Another study found that learning a foreign language can strengthen your decision-making skills.

All of these assets give foreign language speakers a leg up in politics, business and many other career paths.

  1. It Contributes to Better Global Relations

One outcome of learning a foreign language is that it enhances global understanding and positivity. Language learners are very likely to have affirmative feelings toward the culture, country and citizens where their target language is spoken.

Multiply that by many thousands or millions of people learning foreign languages, and you’ll get a world that’s more compassionate and connected.

  1. It Facilitates Further Language Learning

Another advantage of learning a foreign language is that it facilitates learning additional languages.Some studies indicate that language learning gets easier after learning a second language. That means that becoming a polyglot isn’t an unattainable goal! Wow! There are so many reasons to learn a foreign language. Surely you’ve identified at least one or two that get you excited about this incredible journey.

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