Have you ever heard about idioms? What does the word ‘idiom’ mean? This time the Inglés Individual’s team will explain to you a little more about idioms and specific age idioms. This is a normal situation at the moment to speak with native speakers, but what happens with non-English speakers? This is an opportunity to learn these idioms so, let’s start!

What does the word ‘idiom’ mean?

An idiom is a phrase or a group of words that has a metaphorical (not literal) meaning. Every language has idioms and in this case English is not an exception. Idioms have different categories, however in this section we’ll introduce to age idioms. They are important because they make you sound more like a native and can boost your comprehension skills. 

One of these famous idioms is:

I wasn’t born yesterday, It is usually used in complex situations, for example when you have problems with someone who lies in front of you. It means People are not easily fooled or deceived because of their experience and age, they know better or don’t believe you.

Age is a just number, almost everybody has already heard about it, this is common for people who are 30 years old (and even more).When somebody says that age is just a number, they’re stating that our age shouldn’t define us as a person.

Coming of age, this idiom has two meanings and the first is the age that you’re considered to be responsible for yourself and it is also commonly used to refer to particular styles of films and books that follow the journey of a young child to adulthood. These are known as “coming-of-age stories.” 

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,  this idiom refers to a situation in which it’s challenging to teach somebody something new. This is especially true if they’ve been doing something a certain way for a long time, for example to teach someone how to use the computer for the first time.

A spring chicken, this is an idiom for a young person. It’s usually used by older people to refer to a younger individual, however people sometimes use it to put themselves down or insult themselves for emphasis). Have you ever said this idiom? Why?

Do you like to say idioms? Idioms are the great reality, you must be careful at the moment to say idioms because each one has a different meaning and it can be used in a bad sense. Inglés Individual can help you to learn more about them!

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